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Episode S01E05: The 8-Bit Edition

Time for episode 5. Another episode full of ideas for making yourself more creative and having some laughs along the way. It’s not easy is it? Or is it...

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Episode S01E04: The Great Mapping Adventure

Welcome to episode 4. This episode comes live from the castle keep atop the Howard Centre in Welwyn Garden City. If you want to make the most of your...

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Episode S01E03: Time is Everything

In the third episode the show delves into the value of time discipline. Sounds a mite dull? Well you’re wrong. You could call it a ‘secret to being creative’...

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Episode S01E02: Going Wrong is Great

Welcome to the second episode of Jelly Trumpet, the podcast making you more creative. Tips, tricks and ideas for expanding your imagination. We’re not too serious and we have...

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Episode S01E01: The Pilot

Welcome to the very first episode of Jelly Trumpet, the podcast for creatives; tricks, tip and ideas to expand your imagination. Jelly Trumpet is a fun and not too...

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Behind The Mic

Jim Kinloch - Show Host

Jim Kinloch

The Show Host

Known mainly for his sadness at the demise of the Holy Roman Empire Jim has taken great strides lately to host Jelly Trumpet and help those who want to expand their creativity. 

Mr b, The techie

Mr b

The Wizard

As a wizard Mr b has always used his wand for the services of good. He currently hunts Orcs by night and rids the world of evil by day. Mr b is responsible for the tech of the show and making strong coffee.


The Drummer

Nigel popped into the studio one summer’s day and proceeded to entertain us with his drum solos. Nigel and his other half, Cynthia are currently residing in the studio roof. Nigel is a great fan of Mr David Grohl. 

Tony Voice Over Guy


The Voice Over Guy

Recently discovered on a shelf near the checkouts at Tesco. Tony has become an invaluable element in the Jelly Trumpet story. We believe, with some training, he will soon be able to use a chair.

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Jelly Trumpet is fun and full of tips, tricks and ideas for expanding your imagination. Whatever your field of endeavour Jelly Trumpet will help you be the most creative person you want to be and you’ll have a good laugh on the way. 


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