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Jim Kinloch - Show Host

Jim Kinloch

The Show Host

Read all about Jelly Trumpet. I’m Jim and I’m an ex clown (really) ex standup (I was OK), writer and digital marketing consultant.

Because I always wanted to do standup and write my own stuff I started getting into understanding creativity.

I just love it. So now I want to share what I know so you can max out your creative vibe. I’ve known Mr b for a long time, we get on.

I run Conversion Detectives, a digital marketing agency in Hertfordshire.

Mr b

The Wizard

I’m Mr b. I’m a musician, techie, composer and a Dad. 

I love music and making it with my band and my friends. I have a cover band, ripe for all manner of celebrations and events and an originals ‘We Paint Houses’ look us up on Facebook.

I’ve known Jim for a long time. He makes me laugh.

Enjoy the podcast and be creative. The world needs you.

Mr b, The techie

Claire, aka Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine

Voice Talent

I’m Claire. I’m a bit of a hybrid, I’m a copywriter and a voice artist. 

I get to play a medieval queen and Mary ‘the Entrepreneur.’ That’s how I got into this podcast. Jim wrote a ‘micro sitcom’ about Mary on Linkedin. I asked him if I could play her and Jim, ‘the gent’ said yes!

Enjoy the words of Mr Jim and the sound landscape of Mr b. O’, make something new for yourself today.

Adapt - 9 Trumpets of Creativity | Jelly Trumpet


The Drummer

Hi, I’m Nigel and I’m a drummer. There’s something about hitting things that rocks my dray. I’ve known Jim and Mr b for several months now. They strike me as rather nice people. Sometimes they sit, do nothing and drink really strong coffee.

What makes me laugh is the time Jim asked for a coffee AND a Scotch Egg. He got the egg in the cup. He drank/ate it. 

Did you know that 72% of the drumming you hear on music is provided by squirrels? Think about that the next time you stream BTS or Ed Squirrel-on. 


The Voice Over Guy

I’m Tony and I’m the voice you hear for all the intro stuff.

I first learnt about the power of the voice when listening to ‘Listen with Mother’ in Korean.  

I’m currently training to become a warning to others.

Tony Voice Over Guy

About Jelly Trumpet

I wanted to create a podcast about something dear to me. I want to have fun. The idea isn’t that unique but the way we go about it is. The aim is to make you laugh and find ways to make yourself more creative because no one else can do that for you. I hope you laugh a lot and get the ‘geek’ jokes.

Jelly Trumpet is a project I am very proud of every day. I have loved learning about finding ideas and putting those ideas into practice. I do this for clients and for myself. I can tell you that being a true creative (that is someone that makes something from nothing) can be full of doubt and it hurts.

What keeps you going? Is it the need to be the most original in your field? Then you’ve come to the right place. We just want to hear you laugh and take onboard ideas that make you a more creative person. Only you can do that. We can help but you’re going to put in the graft. Respect to you and your journey.

I once copied out a sitcom episode. It took a while. I don’t remember where the idea came from but I was determined to learn. Once I had copied out the work, I transposed my characters. It wasn’t brilliant but I learned so much. You can listen, you can watch, you can read but nothing beats doing. So, do stuff and have fun.


If you fancy reading any of my stuff you can get a Kindle book from Amazon, Story Wars.

You can see my digital marketing agency here

If you fancy reading some of my scripts you can here.

Jelly Trumpet a Comedy Podcast About Creativity

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