conversion detectives

Conversion Detectives is a digital marketing agency and runs Jelly Trumpet. Conversion Detectives offers the full range of digital marketing activities from email to video and from content to SEO and beyond. The remit of the company is being the most creative digital marketing company it can possibly be.

Content Marketing

At the heart of online marketing is content. The most original, informative and entertaining content the better for any business. Activities like Google Ads are about technique, along with building email lists or the foundation of any website, Search Engine Optimisation. All need content. That’s what the agency strives to create in an original and fun manner.

Originality Makes Good Business

Conversion Detectives doesn’t follow convention. That’s what others do. The agency builds a foundation for online business with solid principles including the use of Google Analytics and keyword phrase research. They make categories, or themes, and segment your audience to personalise messages, engage people and take them up the ladder of loyalty:

Visitor > prospect > customer > repeat customer > loyal customer > brand evangelist.

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