Creativity Isn’t Precious

Creativity Isn’t Precious

What could I mean by that? Well, when you make anything it is yours and you have an emotional attachment. You may become stubborn to any change from your vision. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying you must be willing to give up your vision after a comment. I’m saying you must listen. Then you have to be strong in your creative mind.

Writing a Micro Sitcom

Jelly Trumpet season 2 and upcoming in season 3, has a micro sitcom called the start up. This short-form sitcom follows the adventures of Mary ‘The Entrepreneur’ and her adventures in creating multiple start-ups. It’s proved to be popular. So popular that I decided to pull these adventures into its podcast.

My first idea was the pre-recorded micro episodes are sandwiched between a narration from Mary. That narration is in a diary form. “Dear diary…”

It felt stilted. An idea popped into my mind. I started speaking out loud and what passed my lips was a simple “Well, Dermot you see…” The diary idea now became an interview with a TV presenter, that is Dermot O’Lemon. A device that made the micro sitcom more of the moment and opened up so many avenues.

I only had this thought because I’ve learnt not to be precious. I don’t set my writing in stone and protect it from every criticism, even from myself.

It’s a neat device that also lends itself to a final reveal. Is it an original idea? No. It works because it has not been created in this form before. Thinking back the idea comes from an item in my ‘compost heap’ (a place to keep ideas that don’t quite fit but one day they may be a perfect fit for another piece of work). You may recognise it from the movie ‘The Commitments’.

Strong in Your Creative Mind

I still suffer from flashbacks. A play I wrote became diluted because I didn’t stand up to a collaborator. I needed him and didn’t want to rock the boat. Never mind! Move on with your learning.

We were rehearsing an episode of Jelly Trumpet season 3. Claire, our voice talent as Queen Eleanor questioned the use of a particular event. She explained why. I was happy to change it. Any piece you create, in any form, can benefit from the participants.

Then we moved on to a particular word used throughout Jelly Trumpet. I questioned the pronunciation. Mr b, our technical wizard, said it was pronounced that way throughout Season 2. But I’d heard it in my head a particular way and that was what I wanted. I could have folded to keep the boat from rocking but I didn’t. I want it pronounced in this way.

Can I explain fully why I wanted that pronunciation? No. All I know is my instinct tells me this pronunciation is funny. Listening to your instinct or gut is vital to creating your vision.

The Gut in Writing

Look out for the book ‘Writing Down The Bones by Natalie Goldberg and look for the chapter concerning writing from the gut. That may change the way you perceive how you are creating.

Stay strong with your creative vision but listen. You are the showrunner and you make the final decisions and you live by them.

Jim from Jelly Trumpet

Jelly Trumpet is the ‘World’s only comedy podcast about creativity.’Listen to the struggles of Jim, a struggling writer and Mr b, a musician, as they attempt to put a podcast together.

Jelly Trumpet is full of tools and tips and really is a useful and insightful podcast about creativity. Give it a go eh?

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