Episode S01E01: The Pilot

Welcome to the very first episode of Jelly Trumpet, the podcast for creatives; tricks, tip and ideas to expand...

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Episode S01E02: Going Wrong is Great

Welcome to the second episode of Jelly Trumpet, the podcast making you more creative. Tips, tricks and ideas for...

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Episode S01E03: Time is Everything

In the third episode the show delves into the value of time discipline. Sounds a mite dull? Well you’re...

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Episode S01E04: The Great Mapping Adventure

Welcome to episode 4. This episode comes live from the castle keep atop the Howard Centre in Welwyn Garden...

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Episode S01E05: The 8-Bit Edition

Time for episode 5. Another episode full of ideas for making yourself more creative and having some laughs along...

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Episode S01E06: Reincorporation

Here we are at episode 6 and it’s the last in Season 1 of our attempts to promote creativity...

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