Podcast Reviews

‘… without doubt there are elements of genius in the writing. And for those people who do like comedy … JT provides a unique and friendly delivery method. So very well done. I hope it flies.’

Keith Sammels
Marketing Director

‘A beautifully silly romp through the world of creativity – Jelly Trumpet makes you laugh AND makes you think, often at the same time. One of the most innovative and entertaining podcasts I’ve been on (or listened to) in years.’

Adam Hunt
Creative Director
White Label Comedy

There are podcasts that share creative tips and tricks, but there are no podcasts that share creative tips and tricks AND take you on a surreal creative ride like Jelly Trumpet does. Part Mighty Boosh, part Skillshare this is a podcast like no other and I’ve really enjoyed listening and learning from it (and being interviewed on it, where the questions were a true deep dive into the creative process). Thanks Jim and Mr b for taking us into your magical Minds.

James Berg
Captain of

‘love the accent, love the funniness, sometimes we take ourselves and our lives too seriously, just started to listen and am loving it! Thank you! As a kid I used to love watching Saturday Night Live + Mr. Bean + In Living Colour + MAD TV + … now I can’t wait to start to compile my list of the best podcasts that come to mind 2:01 I love the wisdom about we are our own medicine! 2:52 I love the idea of using index cards, it reminds me of Quizlet & I used to know a teacher who would write her lesson plan notes on index cards she used while teaching, 3:45 I don’t know much about Harry Potter but listening to you feels like I am being mentored by a wise mentor like in harry potter getting mentored by Dumbledore’

From Reason Podcasts

‘5:30 giving us an at home assignment, i love it, so engaging! you got me hooked to listen more than just the quick sampling habit of a quickly checking in to a podcast and then taking off to the next thing, thank you!’

From Reason Podcasts

‘I have to say, I’m VERY impressed by Jim Kinloch & Mr B’ Jelly Trumpet podcast. I’ve listened to all three episodes so far and here’s a few thoughts as to why creatives will love it.’

🎺 It blends creativity and comedy (two things I love)
🎺 I love the subtle (and not so subtle!) humor
🎺 There are so many great tips to improve your creativity
🎺 It’s very well produced
🎺 Some great interviews to learn other peoples creative process
🎺 It’s already got me thinking about my own creative process
🎺 I love the different sections – such as ‘you are your own medicine’

I could go on! But check it out now.’

Richard Lalchan
Clarity Coach & Digital Marketer

‘Absolutely love it!

The production’s really well done and all the segments tie together beautifully, plus the way you and Mr. B play off each other really sets everything up perfectly (his comedic timing is impeccable. He’s liable to steal the whole show if you let him!)

I’d be well through with all three episodes, but I just had to replay the first two again and run through some of your challenges in real-time [Plus I think a part of me just wants to savor what’s left till I’m sure when the next hit will arrive and keep the exercises fresh.]

Bookmarked, subscribed and eagerly waiting on the next one!’

The Love Agnostic

‘Really liking JT…great quality and excellent production’

John Cook
The Amateur Theatre Network

‘I LOVE your podcast.’

Roxana Gramada

‘I enjoyed listening to your podcast. The format works really well, and it’s beautifully produced. I see what you mean about making sure you put tons into the production values. Not only does it sound slick and varied, it keeps you engaged – not just lots of dull, flat talk.

Nice balance of bonkers, funny character stuff and very fascinating, useful content.’

James McCabe
Sketch House Comedy

I’ve listened to the first three episodes and really enjoyed them.

Peter Freedman
Viral PR
Think Inc

‘…your Pod is a very interesting listen :)’


‘Hey Jim, listened to the first 3 episodes. Thought it was charming, very witty and insightful. Congratulations!’

Jessica Walkling, actor

‘I really liked it and thought it was excellent. Your voice is perfect for a podcast and you both work together really well. Very funny and informative.’

Matt, Hertfordshire