I’ve been writing a long time. I’ve had a few successes, a sitcom in the top 50 scripts of 5,080 entered into the BBC Finish a Sitcom, that was many years ago. Before writing Jelly Trumpet I wrote for sitcom competitions and used to send them out on spec’. I’ve also written a number of sketches, short and long plays and a book of short stories called ‘Story Wars published on Amazon. I trained in physical theatre and mime so my work is very visual and uses the performers bodies to a high degree.


The cast of The Red Shoes, The Barn Theatre WGC

The Three Plays

Just before starting Jelly Trumpet I wrote a trilogy of plays ‘The Good Heist, The Bad Western and Italian Bob‘. So far, nothing in terms of interest. I think they are funny. The four male actors in the first play are bodyguards who plan a heist while the second play is a western with four female actors. The cast of the first play also play the characters in the second play and vice versa, so in Italian Bob they meet. Based on genres, heist movies, westerns and disaster films. In the third of the plays the action takes place on an upturned cruise ship in the Caribbean during a zombie apocalypse.

Download them and have a read and let me know if you would like to put one or all of them on the stage.

Download The Good Heist

Download The Bad Western

Download Italian Bob

Short Plays

Nightfell5 is a curious short play, around 20 minutes long it features characters all wearing different forms of gloves, eg boxing gloves, hand puppets, industrial etc. The action takes place in an escape room, where they are trapped…

Download NIghtfell5

Dreamdrill is all about the internal conflicts of Norman. He decides to step inside his own head to deal with Bibs and Jono. Involves juggling and a lot of noses, some of which light up.

Download Dreamdrill



Can I Come in? is around three minutes and features ‘Will’ wishing to gain entrance to Wendy’s ‘home’.

Download Can I Come in


Story Wars

Three teens sit down in an old wood and read their stories to each other. Who will tell the most entertaining story? Will it be the one about the pirates that live in the present day? Could it be the one where the good old USA has invaded the UK, featuring a talking cat called Kevin? Might it be the final story of a hotel that travels through time?

Download Story Wars

Do get in touch if any of these tickle your fancy,