The Power of 10 | Collaboration

The Power of 10 | Collaboration

When you start writing you see yourself as the one and the only person creating the piece. You can only progress creativity when you let others in BUT you must be in charge. This means that you have to reality test what is contributed.

The Collaboration Engine

It’s simple. Respect people and listen. Absorb what is suggested. If you don’t think it fits (and may take you off in the wrong direction) then say so AND explain why to the person.

You’ll have the power of 10 in no time because you are open.

I learnt my lesson the hard way. That’s in the past. The power of collaboration crept up on me when I started acting in the theatre. A theatre company (in the main) is a wonderful temporary family where experience is shared and where many contribute for a whole greater than one writer or one actor. The performers are at the front, the techies behind along with the crew, the director, the music person, the set builders, box office people and the marketing team.

Improve Games Help

If you have the chance to attend some improv’ workshops then do and embrace the experience. Most will use consistent exercises like the classic ‘Block and Accept.’ The way this works is the teacher will give one person a line to start off. Then the teacher will tell the second person to ‘block’ or ‘accept’. To block would not go along with the premise of the line. To ‘accept’ is going along with the premise and embellishing it or moving it into another direction.

So, think accept and take the idea on. If you’re unsure then say so and tell the person you’ll have to mull that idea over.

Jelly Trumpet Collaboration

We are fortunate to get on and accept what each does and what each says and Jelly Trumpet has become a creative force because of the acceptance between me ‘Jim the Writer’, ‘Mr b Technical Wizard’ and Claire ‘Queen Eleanor’.

Every time I meet with Mr b, especially, I come away with ideas and directions for more silliness. A high percentage of these ideas finish up in the script.

So, accept the power of 10 | Collaboration.

Jim from Jelly Trumpet

Jelly Trumpet is the ‘World’s only comedy podcast about creativity.’Listen to the struggles of Jim, a struggling writer and Mr b, a musician, as they attempt to put a podcast together.

Jelly Trumpet is full of tools and tips and really is a useful and insightful podcast about creativity. Give it a go eh?

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