Why We Started Jelly Trumpet

Why We Started Jelly Trumpet

I’m be Frank. OK I’ll be ‘Francis the Honest’. The idea started with promoting my online marketing agency, Conversion Detectives and then morphed into a runaway comedy show.

So, it was a promotional ploy I was after and I had to find something that I’m passionate about. I’ve always been fascinated with where ideas come from and early in my childhood I wanted to become a stand up comic. I realised you have to write your own material, so where am I going to find that?

Fast Forward

I’m not a stand up, O’ I tried it but it wasn’t for me, no speed of thought you see, that and the sad vanity of the comics I met with their macho posturing put me off.

Now I’m an agency owner, specialising in digital marketing strategy and I need reach. Why don’t I combine (one of the creativity tools you’ll find in ‘9 Trumpets of Creativity) promoting my business with something that fascinates me, creativity.

“You Realise You’ve Written a Comedy Show?”

So said Mr b, my partner in surreal podcasting. I had meant it to be funny but didn’t quite take in what I’s written until Mr b asked me this question around the third or fourth recording session.

Now I get it. I write comedy and we, Mr b and me, get to broadcast it.

I’m the writer and he’s the technical and musical wiz. It works as we get on and bring out the best of each other. I suppose we both believe in being positive (Mr is much better at it) and have pleasure upon bursting pleasure in provoking laugher of the silliest kind.

That’s what we aim at. Giving you a laugh while we help and encourage you to be as creative as possible.

And, I’d be a liar if I didn’t state we would like to earn money from this endeavour. If you fancy some original scripts, music and ideas for your podcast do get in touch.

Much love,

Jim from Jelly Trumpet

About Jelly Trumpet

We’re a podcast all about creativity. Every episode is aimed at stimulating your imagination and making you laugh with silly, surreal bits & bobs.

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