Season 2, What’s Coming

Season 2, What’s Coming


  • The Podcast as a Vehicle
  • The Strong Woman
  • Mary, The Entrepreneur
  • The Format
  • Interview Countdown

The Podcast as a Vehicle

I sat down to start on Season 2 of Jelly Trumpet. I knew one thing. That thing was I wanted to express what’s inside my head. Then send that to the inside of your head. To amuse and to aid your creativity.

I’m not sure where the word ‘vehicle’ appeared. When it did my thought was ‘so, if the podcast is a vehicle, then it can travel anywhere? Cue EXCITEMENT!

I still wanted to play with the interplay with Mr b and me. A happy marriage of creatives and like all marriages, a certain amount of bickering is expected.

The Strong Woman

I also wanted Jelly Trumpet to be inclusive. For the sake of it? No. Because I wanted to reflect the world I want. So, we started with a character, female and strong.

I generated ideas and dismissed a fictional character (that’s not entirely true, see ‘Mary’ below); I wanted a real person, after all, Jelly Trumpet can travel anywhere, through time, space, genres, into computer games, into literature, into movies and MORE!

Who is or was a strong woman? O’ yes. Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine. So, we pick her up when Mr b commits another ‘experiment.’ Now, the queen is part of the crew.

Mary, The Entrepreneur

I also wanted the season to have a regular slot for something about the current world, dominated by digital marketing (my main business). To gain attention on Linkedin I came up with a ‘Micro Sitcom’ called the ‘Start up’ and featuring the adventures of Mary.

I was lucky as I met (at a networking event), the wonderfully fun and talented Claire. Claire is a hybrid, a talented copywriter but also a trained actor. Claire saw the micro sitcom and asked if I ever made it could she play Mary? Yes. Simple, eh?

Riffs and Fun

Every scene written between the creative tips and challenges is called a Riff. Each episode has around ten riffs. These are sketches of silliness. Daftness happens and fantasy, mixed with ridiculousness, forgetfulness and music…just happens.

The Format

I’ve overwritten the episodes, so season 2 features some episodes in two parts. We have openings, we have a challenge for you at home (and a challenge for me), plus we take a different creative tool each episode and expand on them. The idea is for you to collect them, shed the ones that don’t work and add ones that work for you. You end up with a healthy structure for being creative systematically.

Interview Countdown

Interview Countdown was born out of my waffling with guests and Mr b having to spend hours at the editing. So, I came up with 12 Questions in 12 Minutes. If a guest gets to the twelfth question in time he / she unlocks a bonus question. The interview ends. Then we have a chat about the topics and ideas raised in the 12 in 12 interviews. This becomes a bonus Jelly Trumpet track.

Jelly Trumpet Season 2 Travels

We, me, Mr b, Queen Eleanor, Nigel (a giant red squirrel, size of a St Bernard dog) land in some odd places, including: a Japanese Anime computer game, Treasure Island, A dark house, the films of Quentin Tarantino and a new Balkan country called ‘Gootania’.

The comedy show is very silly, surreal, fun and useful for picking up creative tips and challenges for yourself. So, if you like it, do please share with others wanting to be creative…

Stay fab,


Jim from Jelly Trumpet

About Jelly Trumpet

Jelly Trumpet is the ‘World’s only comedy podcast about creativity.’Listen to the struggles of Jim, a struggling writer and Mr b, a musician, as they attempt to put a podcast together. Jelly Trumpet is full of tools and tips and really is a useful and insightful podcast about creativity. Give it a go eh?

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