Writing a Scripted Podcast

Writing a Scripted Podcast

When writing a scripted podcast enjoy yourself. You’ll see so much about how to write a podcast and that’s one person’s opinion. Writing your own podcast is down to you and what you want. Take your pleasure, pick up some tips and get writing.

Can Podcasts Scripted?

Well, what do you think? The majority of podcasts are chat shows. Some are wonderful but quite a lot are duller than a tin can left out in the rain.  The question should be ‘can scripted podcasts be any good? Yes. Listen to Jelly Trumpet eh? There’s so many others out there worth a listen. You can listen and take up some ideas or you can get writing.

How Long Does it Take to Write a Podcast?

Jelly Trumpet episodes, in season 1, come out at around 32 minutes. 12 minutes are a guest spot, so we aim at a 20 minute script. That’s around 3,000 words and 15 pages of A4 double spaced.

Each episode of Jelly Trumpet season 1 went through 5 drafts. That’s roughly around 10 – 12 hours of graft.

How do you Outline a Podcast?

There’s many different ways and I’ll tell you a secret, no outline was written for our show. Yes. There are features about creativity, tips and ideas. They remain constant through the season. The bits in between, we call the riffs vary greatly.

I’ve written in many forms, from sketches to short plays, from sitcoms to long plays and a book of short stories. All of these are outlined. BUT when it came to Jelly Trumpet I decided that writing a scripted podcast should be fun and ANYTHING can happen, so a structure (the features) and then writing off the cuff. It’s a lot of fun!

How do you Write a Podcast Intro?

Like everything else you write, just get on with it. Ask yourself do you need a podcast intro? If it’s scripted then you can take that old truism of screenplay writing ‘enter the scene as late as possible.’

If you want a conventional podcast intro then say hello, say what you’re doing and what the listener is going to get out of giving you their time.

More About Writing a Podcast Like Jelly Trumpet

The first remit of our podcast is to entertain. The second, and intertwined, is providing support, ideas and tips to people wishing to be as creative as they possibly can.

The first idea came about as I wanted to promote my digital marketing business. A podcast would give the business extra reach. I knew I had to write about something I had a passion about – creativity.

It wasn’t until I started recording with Mr b, the technical artist who does the production that I realised I had written a comedy show. Well, actually I didn’t realise until Mr b pointed this out.

As mentioned above all my writing till the short book was very structured. I spent hours on outlining, planning and thinking. I’d had enough of that and I felt it time to shed the ‘training wheels’ and write as it occurred to me.

Of course, I collected notes and ideas but they were more reminders that I would dip into.

When you write in this fashion you experience freedom, you fill your script with fresh first thoughts and you have so much fun you wonder if it is legal.

Writing Season 2 of Jelly Trumpet

Season 2 has just gone into pre-production, Mr b is recording some of the voice over stuff, coming up with music and original sound effects. He’s doing that as he has the finished scripts, all of which have been through 6 drafts, all read out loud before committing to the final draft.

What can I say about writing a podcast about creativity? It gets easier. So easy in fact that I overwrote. I ended up with scripts 50% longer than season 1. We had to take the view that the episodes would be too long. Therefore, some of them have been split into two parts.

I wouldn’t have had the exhilaration of writing season 2 without writing and testing in season 1. Nor would I have dipped further into the surreal.

So, now we have season 2 underway and I am pinching myself so that I believe I’ve taken it even further into the realms of utter surreal silliness.

What Makes me Happy About Writing a Scripted Podcast?

Getting to season 2 and being able to develop characters, introduce new stuff and realising that a podcast is a vehicle for anything you want. You can travel through time, space and a variety of media.

We wanted a strong female character

What did we do? We travelled through time and picked up Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine from 1150 AD France.

We Like Sounds

Now Nigel, a squirrel the size of a St Bernard dog, makes appearances playing is bongos or when feeling more chill, his oboe.

We Love Daftness

JB is in a band with Mr b. He now lives in a cupboard under the mixing desk. He only communicates in song and will only consume milk-based products.

We Need Some Riffs

Spen’ another musical friend, a magnificent chap lives behind the settee and will only talk via his guitar riffs.

Travelling Podcast

Now, the best bit is Jelly Trumpet takes off, due to Mr b’s experiments and lands in a variety of daft places, from inside the sitcom Red Dwarf to treasure island and inside a Japanese computer game.

We get into some scrapes and fuelled by strong coffee and the guidance of the Queen we usually extradite ourselves with minimal damage.

Drop us a line if you would like to know more about writing a scripted podcast. We’re a friendly bunch and happy to chat about we do. We can also offer you the ability to make your own podcast (there’s a cost though!

Jelly Trumpet is available on all the major platforms including Amazon, Apple, Google and Spotify, join us for some fun and creative thought.

Jim from Jelly Trumpet

About Jelly Trumpet

Jelly Trumpet is the ‘World’s only comedy podcast about creativity.’Listen to the struggles of Jim, a struggling writer and Mr b, a musician, as they attempt to put a podcast together. Jelly Trumpet is full of tools and tips and really is a useful and insightful podcast about creativity. Give it a go eh?

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